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Mother. English Instructor. Runner. I love the New York Mets, bridges terrify me, and I hate cottage cheese.

My dream world includes sunshine, boats, and endless chocolate

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In my dream world, I’m surrounded by people — family, friends, loved ones I’ve lost, and trustworthy strangers. We play trivia and board games, share stories, laugh, and dance to a steady stream of 90s music.

I run in the mornings, near a beautiful body of water, where I take…

And I’m sorry if I judged you.

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When my son was two years old, he had a full-scale meltdown in the greeting card aisle of Wal-Mart. As he screamed and writhed on the dirty floor, people walked past us down adjacent aisles — some of them glancing our way. It took nearly all my strength to get…

A Spark of Light gives voices to various women and men on the controversial topic of abortion.

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While I haven’t read most of Jodi Picoult’s books, the ones I have read have been hit or miss for me. Delving into topics such as autism, school shootings, and abortion, Picoult clearly does copious research for each of her novels. I’ve learned so much from each of her books…

Theatre of Dionysos in Athens (Photo by author)

My boyfriend and I arrived in Athens on June 11th and returned home on the 18th. During our week-long vacation, we got a glimpse into Greek culture. From cats to coffee, here are five aspects of Greek life I wasn’t aware of before our trip.

1. There are stray cats everywhere.

We first noticed them walking…

Anyone wishing to travel outside of the country should check the destination country’s government site for travel requirements.

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My boyfriend and I booked a trip to Greece and London back in December, which was risky considering Covid had been ramping up again in the US and we didn’t know what the pandemic landscape would look like in June, but our trip was refundable, so we decided to take…

What can we learn from others? What defines good and evil? What’s the meaning of life? The Good Place explores all of this and more.

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The Good Place gave us four seasons of dynamic characters, plot twists, and witty one-liners. Though a light-hearted comedy, the show also provided valuable real-life lessons that can help us maintain happiness and health.

The Good Place begins when Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) dies in a freak accident and ends…

These shows never made it past season two

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With all the new television shows that come out each year, it’s difficult to predict which will be successful. Even if a show makes it past the first season, it may get canceled before current storylines are finished or new ones can begin. …

Nikki Hart’s boyfriend murdered her while their children slept in the next room. Nikki had been the victim of escalating abuse, but she never revealed her struggle to friends or…

Here’s what happened instead.

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Giving a 4-year-old an eye test is tricky. The children’s eye chart isn’t made up of letters; instead, children identify different shapes: a house, a square, a triangle, a circle, an apple.

My son stood next to his pediatrician, a few feet away from these shapes…

Glennon Doyle’s Untamed is part memoir, part self-help book filled with advice, metaphors, and inspiring maxims.

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Untamed is sewn together as a string of vignettes — each chapter standing on its own while themes of self-realization, gender constructs, and feminism are threaded throughout.

Many of Doyle’s vignettes center around her past experiences and how she found her “knowing”: the voice deep inside that urges her to…

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